Due to an influx of visitors, we are only operating our  Historical Honolulu Tour and Diamond Head Bike to Hike Tour for the summer of 2021

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Hotel Pick up 8:30 am​  Daily   


​​​​​Manoa Valley-Tropical Gardens Bike to Hike Tour, lunch included  TM  

                   (Hotel pick up )    

7:30 am​ Daily   


 Per Person

14        4     

Miles     Hours

  We meet early to avoid crowds and the heat on the crater trial.  After your bike fitting and safety instruction, we roll onto Kapiolani Park to discover its history then we head down to the WW1 Natatorium Memorial to see where famed Duke Kahanamoku and others trained for the Olympics.  You’ll get to visit a secluded green sand beach at the base of Diamond Head; see the Disney house and roll past other homes from the marvels of wealth. We then pedal up 150 feet to the Diamond Head Light House Lookout. From this advantageous view, you can see the surfers enjoying the placid waters of Paradise.
From here, we observe Doris Duke’s Shangri-La located in the wealthy Black Point neighborhood. After a short 100' elevation gain, we arrive near the Hawaii FIVE-O studios where they film this ongoing series.  Next, we head into Diamond Head Crater 150' climb and park our bikes for a 45 minute to 1-hour hike, 300' climb filled with lots of Hawaiian and WWI history.  Along the way, you’ll experience incredible views of Oahu’s south and east facing shores.  After the hike and photos, we descend to a healthy local lunch on us.  Sunscreen, water, sports-drink, and snacks provided.   **NOTE:  This tour has a hilly terrain and includes a walking hike to the top of Diamond Head.  Bike Tour Ride and Hike total, 10 Miles.  (3.5– 4 hours)   Most tours are private or semi-private
 *****  Meet at the Kuhio Beach Banyan Tree, Waikiki Beach.

1:00 pm--5:00 pm

Friday Saturday Sunday

Meet at the Kuhio Beach Banyan Tree, Waikiki Beach 7:30 am.  After your bike fitting and safety instructions, we glide along Waikiki beach and ride past the Honolulu zoo.  As we roll along you will learn of the Ala Wai Canal’s history as well as visit local historical beaches, malls, and shopping.
This tour traverses the Kaka’ako redevelopment and takes participants past many artistic murals that now decorate the area.  Riders will stop and take the elevator to the top of Aloha Tower, taking in classic views.  

We then cruise through a unique area known as China town where you’ll experience the Island’s multi-culture atmosphere first hand. You will have the opportunity to taste Hawaii’s exotic fruits while navigating Honolulu’s downtown.  Roll onto the historical State Capitol grounds and Royal Iolani Palace.  Additional stops include King Kamehameha Statue, Kawaiaha’o church, Mission House, the site of Elvis’ last concert, unique parks, canoe clubs, and golf courses.   Learn where some of Hawaii’s secret eats and treats are located.  We offer photo-shoots at every location while learning about the history of the locations as we go. Mostly flat terrain, Ride 14 miles. (3.5– 4 hours)   Most tours are private or semi private *****

 Per Person


23 km 


(Meet at Kuhio Beach Banyan Tree)    

 Per Person



10     4    

Meet at Kuhio Beach Banyan Tree, Waikiki Beach 12:30 pm.  After your bike fitting and safety instructions, we ride through the Kapiolani Park and learn its history.  We visit a local sea life and beaches, then head on to experience many foodie favorites on the outskirts of Waikiki. These World famous Kaimuki-Kapahulu local diners offer a taste of paradise cuisine never found by most visitors.  We ride about 25-minutes before heading to one of several local diners (specifically chosen by your guide based upon your personal tastes) and a bakery. You'll eat fresh homemade local food;  snack on the Malasada donuts with photo-shoots at every location. Grab a menu at each of our stops and learn about the history of the locations and neighborhoods as we go.  Best of all we enjoy the day to the fullest while giving your pallet something to associate Paradise with!  This is a fun foodie tour with healthy cycling activity. Food/drinks and snacks include.  Mostly flat terrain, Tour Ride 6 – 10 miles.  (3 – 4 hours)  Customization tour options are available.  **NOTE:  Be sure to notify your guide of any food sensitivities/allergies when booking this tour to ensure your safety and the best experience possible.​  Most tours are private or semi private *****

 Per Person

 Rolling Terrain & Hike 


 Per Person

7:00 am​  Daily   


Miles     Hours

Bike Tour Hawaii, Bike Tours Hawaii

Beginner  Riders    

4-5 hrs      10 miles   


Miles    Hours

Beginner  Riders      


7-8 Hours

(Meet at Kuhio Beach Banyan Tree)    

14 km 

Advanced  Riders, Hilly Terrain 

16 km 

As a HAWAII tour business, we are an internet, mobile based virtual business. aka: without a brick and mortar location. This business model allows us to provide our guests an enhanced tour experience at affordable pricing.   

Our headquarters is the Kuhio Beach Banyan Tree - Hula Mound Area in Waikiki. (See Map)  Located next to the Duke Kahanamoku statue in the center of Waikiki on the beach.

If your group is coming by car outside of Waikiki, we offer a "Kapiolani Park" meeting point where there is free parking,   We'll have your bikes ready with helmets, safety, water, and snacks. 

Your cell phone/camera fits in our handlebar bag.  Wear light clothing and appropriate covered shoes for bicycling. We provide helmets, nutrients, and hydration.  Most tour routes ride along on bike paths/lanes or bike-friendly roadways.  Our guides provide ride safety instructions for guests.  Enjoy active and adventurous sightseeing while feeling the magic of Hawaii.

< Kuhio Beach Banyan Tree-Hula Mound Area is our meeting point.

We pick you up from your hotel in our van at 8:30 am,  We travel around the east side of the island. The first stop is the Pali lookout where the great King Kamehameha conquered the islands to bring harmony to Paradise.  
As we travel up the beautiful tropical Windward coast, we stop at China-man’s hat (Kualoa Park), and then further on to the North Shore exotic fruit stand where you’ll be able to sample Hawaii’s tropical collection.  We finish the drive at Ted’s Bakery with a taste of their famous coconut cream pie.
From there, we fit you with our bike and send you off to ride the 7-mile miracle where Hawaii’s famous surfing waves break up to 50 feet in the winter months.  This stretch takes you past all the top beaches along the way:  Sunset Beach, Pipeline, Sharks Cove, Waimea Bay, Turtle Beach.  We roll to Waimea Falls park for a snack before heading back to the auto. After the ride, we stop at the TURTLE BEACH. After the Turtles, we head on to the famous Giovanni’s shrimp truck where lunch is on us.  (Vegetarian or other choices are available).  

After lunch, we drive through Waialua Sugar Town to a local beach park where turtles frequent for a cool-down swim. Snorkel, mask, beach towels are provided.  Enjoy your day experiencing fresh homemade local healthy food; snorkel with turtles; wild photo shoots at every location; learn about the history of the locations we go to and best of all, enjoy the day to the fullest!  On the way home, (time permitting) we can stop for gift shopping and taste the Dole whip ice cream at the Dole Plantation.  Mostly flat terrain. Tour Ride 9 miles. >  *****



9      4     

(Meet at Kuhio Beach Banyan Tree)    

12:30 pm​  Daily   

Ride and exercise with a professional friendly informative guide.   Then off to your electric adventure to Manoa falls trail and waterfall.

Your professional guide is advanced first aid-AED/CPR certification for your safety.    We'll lead you on a healthy ebike tour. Your guide will share the amazing pathways, backstreets, and trails exploring features that make Hawaii one of the most desirable places to vacation or live.  Friendly informative narration while gliding through Hawaii's History, present and future with select photo stops.

  Follow your tour with some delicious coffee & pastry from a local favorite that will soon be yours. ​​

Tour with healthy cycling activity. Food/drinks and snacks included.  Customization tour options are available.  **NOTE:  Be sure to notify your guide of any food sensitivities/allergies when booking this tour to ensure your safety and the best experience possible.​  

Tour meeting point: See Google Map.  Located at Kuhio Beach Hula Mound. Waikiki Beach: 2459 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, HI, United States

Most tours are private or semi-private *****






Beginner  Riders