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  1. Tour De Honolulu foodie ebike 

Starting at $169.00     Hilly Terrain 

9 miles total     

Fitted with safety helmet and a ebike lesson, You'll roll along with ease as this pedal-assisted bicycle propels you through Honolulu neighborhoods passing Historic landmarks and microclimates. We will ascend to Manoa Valley's world-famous Manoa falls.( Jurassic Park), Once we roll up and secure the e-stallions, we 'll trek through the manoa falls trail filled with Hawaiian fauna a historic waterfall, and local culture.

This experience is a lifetime of images and knowledge that shatters expectations. After the falls will roll down to Manoa Marketplace for a healthy customized lunch on us. After lunch, we roll through Manoa University campus on our way back to the start-finish point filled with historic information retained through a proprietary communication system.

We provide all guests with high-quality digital images of their experience.  Airdrop or dropbox friendly technology.  

4'10'' minimum height required. eRide 10 miles. hike 2 miles. (4-5 hrs ) 

Tours are private or semi-private *****  

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As we roll on our e-stallions equipped with communication system integrated bicycles,   We'll take in the unique architectures in the Neighborhood while experiencing Manoa valleys multi-micro climates as we ascend 390' elevation.  We'll be engaged with amazing local fauna and ancient Hawaiian culture as we trek to our goal Manoa falls 1 mile.

​Power up Manoa valley with a pedal assisted bicycle. Hike onto the waterfall with a narrated Hawaii cultural experience, enjoy a Manoa lunch on us, share your experience in paradise.

Private Custom Experience

  1. Diamond Head eBike to Hike
  1. Open House Real Estate Experience

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Inclusive personalized private guided waterfall immersion followed with a delicious local healthy meal.

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